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Cryptocurrencies: 13,090
Markets: 538
Marketcap: $ 1.13 T(2.64%)
24h Vol: $ 87.63 B
BTC Dominance: 38.82%
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Today’s cryptocurrency prices, Charts and data

We provide up-to-date cryptocurrency prices, data and charts about the major of all cryptocurrency. At the time of writing we provide data over more than 4000 coins. We stand for data that is always up-to-date and accurately. The crypto world is just starting, join our community now and don’t miss out!

What is crypto market cap (CMC)

Crypto(currency) Market Cap is the total value of all the coins that are in circulation or have been mined. To determine the rankings of cryptocurrencies we use the market capitalization. The cryptocurrency with the highest market cap is ranked one, for now this is Bitcoin with a total market domination around 40% (July 2022). This means that Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency at the time of writing. To calculate the market cap of a particular coin you multiply the total number of coins in circulation by its current price.

How to read cryptocurrency charts and data?

It’s very imported for investors and anyone new to crypto to know how to read charts, below we will give a small explanation on how to read crypto charts. Visit our how to read crypto charts page For a full and detailed explanation. Below we will discuss the basics.Candlestick Charts are the most used and easy to understand crypto charts. Green represent an increase in a crypto’s value. The green candle will have the crypto’s opening price at the bottom and the closing price at the top of the body of the candle.Red candles (Bearish candlesticks) represent a drop in a crypto’s value. The candlestick will have the crypto’s opening price at the top and the closing price at the bottom of the bottom of the candle.Multiple series of green candles represent a growth (bullish trend) while multiple red candles are represented as decline in the value (bearish trend).

Which Is The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In?

We do not offer any financial advice about which cryptocurrency or asset you should invest in.
A market research should be done by the investor. We provide the real time cryptocurrency data, you decide where to invest in. Be aware that investing in cryptocurrency might be risky and you might lose your investment. If you really need advice in which cryptocurrency you want to invest in, there are other companies who provide that.

How to buy bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency

1. Choose a broker or cryptocurrency exchange

To buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you need to register at an exchange or broker. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges you can use to buy crypto online, but a few of the more popular ones are Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken. These exchanges are online platforms where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

2. Add funds to you account.

Add fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency, beware that not all brokers or exchanges do not accepts all the payments methods. Do research if you want to add funds with a particular fiat.

3. Place an order.

There are two main types of orders when trading cryptocurrencies: market orders and limit orders. A market order is an instruction to buy or sell an asset immediately (at the market’s current price), while a limit order is an instruction to wait until the price hits a specific or better price before being executed.

4. Storage your cryptocurrency in an digital wallet or hardware wallet.

The best way to store cryptocurrency is in a wallet. visit our pages for digital wallet or hardware wallet for a detailed explanation.

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Cryptocurrencies: 13,090
Markets: 538
Marketcap: $ 1.13 T(2.64%)
24h Vol: $ 87.63 B
BTC Dominance: 38.82%